30 unit townhouse project
Transit Oriented

The Property which had been owned by a single family for nearly 100 years had become functionally obsolete. The building was in a serious state of decay posing real safety concerns for both the occupants and the community at large.

The Property, located in Ardmore did enjoy an excellent location adjacent to one of the area’s most successful suburban shopping malls known as Suburban Square.

Endeavor realized that the Property’s location adjacent to high-end shopping and nearby transit would be an ideal location for upscale luxury residential condominium development. While residential was permitted under current zoning the property was split zoned with approximately fifty (50%) of the site zoned in such a manner that it severely impacted allowable density.
Endeavor petitioned the Lower Merion Zoning Hearing Board requesting that the site be re-zoned allowing the more favorable zoning district be applied to the entire site. Successful in our petition, Endeavor increased density by approximately fifty 50% allowing for 28 luxury condominiums plus enclosed parking under the building for 64 cars on a parcel that was roughly ¾ of an acre or approximately 42 units to the acre. This increased density created the necessary value to allow Endeavor the opportunity to remove another in-fill blighted property from the community to make room for an exciting architecturally significant new condominium development.   Designed in the image of a century old warehouse this new development has been mistaken by many thinking this building had been there for over a century which was a goal of the design.

Endeavor was able to assist a family wanting to diversify an estate and help liquidate a significant asset.

In acquiring the Property Endeavor helped transform a deteriorating blighted property from the community and create an exciting transit oriented luxury residential condominium. Through our continued focus on in-fill suburban properties, Endeavor is helping preserve the limited open space that exists by adding new homes without destroying the precious little remaining green space.